Why Lucifer is Better Than Money Heist: The Best Reasons

Here we are going to discuss two top-level web series Lucifer and Money Heist, here I'm going to discuss why lucifer is better than Money Heist.

What is Lucifer?

Lucifer is an American drama television series. It premiered on January 25, 2016, and its run time is approximately 13 episodes per season. It is created by Joe Henderson and Tom Kapinos.

Lucifer is about the eternal God, Satan, who visits Earth with the goal of helping humanity discover the best and worst in themselves. He meets with two fallen angels, Lucifer and Amenadiel, and tests the four souls as if they were his own.

Why is Lucifer Better Than Money Heist?

Whereas Money Heist is about a group of robbers who decided to rob millions of euros, Lucifer is about a supernatural God who decides to explore the earth. This isn't surprising because the idea is somehow really strange. However, both the web series is different.

Lucifer is Better Than Money Heist
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Title- Lucifer Web Series

Why Lucifer is better than Money Heist

Lucifer is a satirical dark-comedy series that is set in the 'Old English' atmosphere. The story revolves around the main character called Lucifer Morningstar who is the fallen angel.

He is a detective, a police officer who helps the police and helps his friends while solving crimes.

This character is played by Tom Ellis who has also won the International Emmy Award for his role of this character. Money Heist is a web series that has gone viral within a few hours of its release.

The story revolves around the heist mafia that does large-scale robbery which is a web series that is also popular amongst teenagers because of the dark, twisted, and gangster parts of the story.

To find out more about these two web series, read on and find out why Lucifer is better than Money Heist.

How does it compare to Money Heist?

Lucifer's Main Character is Lucifer Morningstar also the main character in Lucifer, who is a
one-woman cop business that knows how to collect clues in a convenient manner.

She is a modern-day femme fatale that is defined by her strong will, her shrewd intuition, and her likeability.

However, she cannot help but secretly follow a criminal along the way, allowing herself a glimpse of the truth and saving him at the end of the episode, but also allowing herself to be burned to a crisp, and dying with it.

She is the best character in this show, and one of the best characters in any web series. Money Heist The main character in the very popular “Tokyo” is Úrsula Corberó.


It's high time you should watch one of the best shows Lucifer is. You will get your taste of the best web series ever Lucifer.

This high-concept show will give you the best experience ever. Both Lucifer and Money Heist are entertaining as hell. Hence, you don't need to miss out on any episode.


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  1. Lucifer- I always knew it was the best and most underrated show. Lucifer needs to be highlighted. Even Netflix is so in love with Lucifer


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